Bringing You 3D Mammography

Bringing You 3D Mammography

Memorial Health Care Systems is proud to offer Breast Tomosynthesis or 3D Mammography - the newest and most advanced technology in breast cancer detection. Our new mammography machine is the Selenia Dimensions by Hologic and is able to complete both 2D and 3D imaging. An optional service for mammography patients, tomosynthesis can offer better visualization for radiologists who are helping specific groups of patients - particularly those with dense breasts.

Facts about Tomosynthesis

The exam is performed on state-of-the-art digital equipment, which acquires multiple low-dose images of a compressed breast from different angles. The process is performed nearly simultaneously with the traditional 2D mammogram, on the same equipment with no noticeable difference in the experience or time for the patient. While the breast is compressed for the standard 2D image, a second set of images is obtained to create a 3D image of the breast, allowing the radiologist to evaluate the breast tissue one “slice” at a time.

All women may benefit from tomosynthesis; however, there is increased benefit for women with dense breast tissue because superimposed dense breast tissue may look similar to cancer tissue. With 3D, tissue overlap is minimized and breast abnormalities can be seen more clearly. Fine details are more clearly visible on a 3D mammogram. With a 2D mammogram, details can be hidden by the tissue above and below. With 3D, this overshadowing is minimized and the breast abnormalities such as masses, distortion and asymmetric densities are more readily detectible. Tomosynthesis is an optional service for the patient, which supplements the traditional mammographic images.

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