Chemotherapy Administration Now Available at Memorial Hospital

Chemotherapy Administration Now Available at Memorial Hospital

When a friend or family member is faced with a diagnosis of cancer, the worries that flood in can be overwhelming.

At Memorial Health Care Systems (MHCS), we are trying to reduce just one worry, by making chemotherapy administration available in Seward.

Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses drugs to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells which can grow and divide quickly. The type of chemotherapy is decided by your oncologist depending on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is. Chemotherapy treatment schedules may vary widely and how long someone receives chemotherapy depends on a number of factors that are reviewed by your oncologist.

MHCS has partnered with Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center to begin offering a local, more convenient location to receive select chemotherapy treatments. You may be able to avoid the commute to receive your chemotherapy which can be so important to cancer patients and their family/support system. Judy Bors, Director of Nursing, states, "This expansion of our oncology services through Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic is an incredible opportunity we can offer our communities. Relieving just one burden during the process can be significant for the patient and their support system. Offering this service close to home is truly something we take pride in."

MHCS Chief Executive Officer Roger Reamer is proud of the commitment staff has put forth and the effort involved to begin to offer this additional service to our oncology program. The communities that we serve will benefit from chemotherapy services with less of a commute, in a familiar health care system, with friendly local faces. "There has been significant planning and training which went into expanding our Oncology Program, " Reamer says. "We are fortunate to have the technology, advanced space, and exceptionally trained staff to expand into offering chemotherapy administration in Seward."

Although we never want to see our neighbors battle cancer, it is a harsh reality for many we serve. Chemotherapy administration will be available through our Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic with your oncologist referral. Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer care in two Lincoln Locations and twelve communities in Southeast Nebraska. They are composed of seven medical oncologists and two radiation oncologists along with multiple supportive care services, including research, genetic counseling, imaging, occupational and physical therapy, lab and nutrition. Their advanced facilties and specialized teams are devoted to innovation in cancer diagnosis, treatment and patient services. For more information about SNCC visit

For more information on the expansion of the oncology program at Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic call 402-646-4651 or speak to your MHCS family physician.