COVID-19 Update Patient Visitors

COVID-19 Update Patient Visitors

Memorial Heatlh Care Systems Will No Longer Allow Patient Visitors Effective April 7, 2020

Effective Tuesday, April 7, Memorial Health Care Systems will further restrict visitation by no longer allowing visitors to patients in our hospital, no one to accompany for clinic visits and no visitors to staff.

A healthy, adult support person will be allowed in a few limited circumstances: 

  • Patient arriving at either emergency department - one, if needed

  • Memorial Hospital Labor & Delivery - one labor partner

  • Pediatric/Minor patient (19 years or younger) - one parent/guardian

  • Dependent adult needing special assistance - as determined by patient’s nurse and administrative manager

  • Patient care partner needing teaching and instructions prior to discharge - as determined by patient’s nurse and administrative manager

  • Hospital outpatient and clinic patient needing a support and/or transportation assistance - one

  • Patient receiving end-of-life care - number to be determined by patient’s nurse and administrative manager

  • Special Circumstances - as identified by administrative manager

Upon designation, support persons will be screened upon each arrival for signs of illness by taking their temperature and are required to follow infection prevention procedures as instructed. If the support person fails the health screening, he/she will not be permitted.

Patients with a pending COVID-19 test, or with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, are not allowed as support persons.

Other ways you can connect with a patient at Memorial Health Care Systems:

  • Phone a patient’s room by dialing: 402-643-2971 and asking to be connected to patient room #

  • Use your personal devices (smart phones, iPads, tablets, laptops) as they are a great way to stay connected. Families without necessary devices should consult with the patient’s nurse regarding devices that Memorial Health Care Systems may be able to loan on a temporary, limited basis.

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April 3, 2020