COVID-19 Update: Resuming Some Elective Outpatient Services

COVID-19 Update: Resuming Some Elective Outpatient Services

“It is safe to come back to healthcare,” said Dr. Brandon Henley of the message Memorial Health Care Systems is sending to patients. Dr. Henley says they want people to know the hospital and clinics are safe and not to delay care.

Dr. Henley continued, “People should not hesitate to seek the care they need. We have been very successful in protecting our patients, staff, and the community throughout the pandemic.”

While visits were dramatically down through the COVID-19 pandemic, our practitioners have continued to offer in-person and telehealth visits over the past 2 months. We understand that patients are avoiding or delaying care right now due to the pandemic and this is not recommended. The health and safety of our patients and caregivers remain our top priority, and we want to assure patients that our facilities are safe for them to receive care. For nearly two months, we have taken steps to increase safety by limiting visitors and screening them for potential COVID-19 symptoms, providing essential personal protective equipment for caregivers, practicing physical distancing, expanding testing capabilities, and continuing to clean our facilities extensively. We continue to restrict all visitors with some exceptions.  For the latest visitor policy, please visit

There is a lot of attention to detail in healthcare and we take the additional measures for screening patients and staff and make sure these are maintained.  We have been cautiously, but confidently implementing the safe expansion of services across Memorial Health Care Systems clinics, hospital, and outpatient services. Dr. Henley said, “There will still be people who need testing and/or treatment for the coronavirus, but the greater need now is for routine health care and the necessary medical attention people may have put off because of the pandemic.”

 Among the safe care processes in place across Memorial Health Care Systems:

  • Proper protective gear for staff
  • Patients provided masks
  • Visitor restrictions
  • Prescreening for symptoms
  • Temperature checks at entrances
  • Frequent disinfecting and cleaning
  • Frequent hand sanitizing (including patients)
  • Social distancing measures
  • Separate care areas and care times for COVID-19 testing and non-COVID-19 patients
  • COVID-19 triage at 402-643-4800, for triaging possible COVID-19 patients
  • ezVisits and telehealth visits minimize people in a given area

Getting back to more normal operations, Memorial Health Care Systems has undertaken the careful expansion of clinic and hospital services. The areas that have now resumed care include:

  • Elective surgeries (began May 4, 2020)
  • Diabetic Education (one-on-one, no support group meetings at this time)
  • Cardiac Rehab (small groups)
  • Cardiac Wellness Program (to open in phases beginning with the highest need patients)
  • Outpatient Specialist Clinics
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • In-home and in-lab sleep studies
  • Pulmonary Rehab (to begin June 1, 2020)

We are very appreciative of the support the community has shown in the past month and continue to show for our staff and patients.