Expert Maternity Care

Expert Maternity Care

Hannah, a Wisconsin girl at heart, came to Seward to pursue her college education. She met and married the love of her life Kenny and they made their home in Seward. As a young couple with family plans, they chose Memorial Health Care Systems for their medical care.  With the help of their family physician, Dr. James Plasek, the couple welcomed two beautiful baby boys to their family.

Hannah followed a perfect prenatal plan and was a healthy mom. However, her pregnancies did not come without complications. During Hannah’s first pregnancy, she went into premature labor and was on bed rest for seven weeks. Hannah recalls the calming reassurance the staff gave her through this stressful yet joyous time.  She was easily accommodated when scheduling or rescheduling her prenatal visits and she appreciated the time she was given at each appointment to talk with Dr. Plasek about her questions and concerns. Her healthy first born son, Malachi was born at Memorial Hospital on December 23, 2015. 

Hannah’s second pregnancy quickly followed and mom and baby were doing well throughout the first trimester. The second trimester was a different story. An ultrasound visit in November showed their baby had cysts on both his heart and his brain.

With the confirmation of this condition, Dr. Plasek began collaboration with Dr. Sean Kenney a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. Hannah was able to continue her maternity care with Dr. Plasek. The physicians worked together to provide the best prenatal care for Hannah and her developing baby. Through MHCS’ prominent partnership with Bryan Health, the referral and coordination of care was seamless.

In February, a few exhausting months later, it was determined that baby’s cysts had resolved or disappeared on their own without complications and Hannah and baby were released from the care of Dr. Kenney. Memorial Hospital celebrated with Hannah and her husband Kenny welcoming healthy baby number two, Isaac, on April 18, 2017.  The Elliott family felt very lucky to have Dr. Plasek and the caring team at Memorial Health Care Systems by their side, ensuring the highest quality of care was provided through every step of both her pregnancies.

There were so many positives from the maternity care with Memorial Health Care Systems. Hannah noted that she loved that all her prenatal care appointments were with Dr. Plasek and nurse Pat. Dr. Plasek was a “calming and reassuring voice throughout the process,” Hannah said. Hannah also stated she “had a peaceful delivery room and loved the care team. Having the same nurses and doctor for both deliveries is incredible.” Birth is a beautiful and sacred experience and Hannah and Kenny wanted to have this experience with familiar care and doctors and nurses that took their time to know the whole family.

The familiar nurses: Pat, Jesse, Glenda, Kim and many more all made the process so positive, comfortable and meaningful. Hannah was also able to use Memorial Hospital’s newest update to the maternity suite, a full-size bed for delivery recovery. The Elliott family loved that big brother Malachi was still able to be with mom and check out baby Isaac safely and comfortably in the same bed.

“It was important to me to have Memorial Health Care Systems for my Medical Home,” Hannah said. “I was able to have local friends, family and church family close to share in welcoming our sons. Hannah and her husband love that all four in their family will build a family history with Dr. Plasek. “Dr. Plasek and his nurse Pat really know all of us. You do not get that continuity of care elsewhere!”