MHCS Women's Health

MHCS Women's Health

The Power of Lifelong Care - Statistics show that 90% of women are responsible for health care decisions for their family, including adult relatives. But as the family caregiver, oftentimes her own needs take second place.

Memorial Health Care Systems has a rich history of caring for women in our community, making it easy for women to choose the best place for health care right here, close to home. Built by and for the people of Seward County, MHCS values its special role in caring for women of all ages. The doctors and staff understand the value of taking the time to educate, listen, communicate and serve as a resource and touchstone for women's health.

The Power of Relationships

The physicians and physician's assistants of MHCS have chosen to work in Seward County. They are neighbors, parents, husbands and wives just like their patients. They believe in building a relationship with their patients that spans throughout a lifetime. The long-standing patient/doctor relationship leads to better communication, a better healthcare partnership, and ultimately better medical outcomes.

The Power of Collaboration

The MHCS Family Medical Centers of Seward, Milford and Utica are wholly committed to providing the best care possible. This commitment assures that our physicians will not only collaborate with patients but with other medical professionals as well, willing to refer patients to specialists when indicated or requested.

The Power of Prevention

A Family Physician or Physician Assistant is a specialist caring for patients throughout their lifetime. Patients benefit from the personal relationship and comprehensive medical history built over the years. A family doctor provides preventive services to help individuals avoid health issues or to identify them early. In many cases, problems that are found early are more likely to respond to treatment. Prevention measures include screening tests, vaccinations and health advice. Your doctor will recommend the services that are appropriate for you based on your age and medical family history.

The Power of Convenience

MHCS is not only the convenient choice for health care. It's the best choice. Access to excellent medical care close to home is invaluable to busy women, and MHCS is close by with  physicians and  physician assistants, shorter wait times, state-of-the-art medical equipment, comprehensive services and virtual visits.

The Power of Technology

MHCS recognizes that access to state-of-the-art equipment supports medical providers in diagnosing and treating their patients. Investments have been made to provide important top-level diagnostic, surgical, rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary equipment. Women have electronic access to medical information and physician communication through the MHCS clinics and hospital patient portals.

The Power of Commitment

With over a 70-year history of providing health care services to women, MHCS remains strong and vibrant today. As women navigate the healthcare environment for their personal care and for the medical needs of those they love, the services of MHCS are right-sized for accountability, quality, compassion, communication and ease of access for patients of every age.