Milford Family Medical Center Welcomes Miri Ann Pelc, PA-C

Milford Family Medical Center Welcomes Miri Ann Pelc, PA-C

Miri Ann Pelc (pronounced Mary Ann), has joined Milford Family Medical Center as a Physician Assistant. She will be working alongside Dr. Bandon Henley and the Memorial Health Care Systems team. Miri Ann received her Bachelor of Science degree in Comprehensive Biology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and her Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the Union College in Lincoln. 

Miri Ann always knew she wanted to work in health care in some capacity. AFter shadowing a Physician Assistant, she found the PA role to be a really great fit. She enjoys the scope of practice and connecting with patients. In addition to family practice, Miri Ann has served as a Cardiology Hospitalist Physician Assistant and provided emergency medicine internationally. Her areas of interest include preventative medicine, family practice and cardiology.

When asked about her decision to practice in Milford, Miri Ann stated, "I am really looking forward to working in a smaller community and enjoy building lasting relationships with patients. Dr. Henley will be a great supervising physician."

When Miri Ann is not working, she enjoys biking, physical fitness, reading and traveling. She is grateful that this opportunity brings her closer to her family, allowing for more family time with her family members in Lincoln.

To schedule an appointment with Miri Ann, please call the Milford Family Medical Center at 402-761-3307.