Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

What brought Milford women to Seward each week? Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Memorial Hospital.  Linda Sorensen, Sharon Neihardt, Carol Morrow and Doretta Schweitzer participated in a doctor referred rehabilitation program lead by Respiratory Therapy.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation works with groups of men and women who are suffering from some form of chronic lung disease.  The Rehab team will work with individuals as well as with groups. They strive to increase participants’ knowledge of their disease and improve their lung capacity to its fullest potential. “The program is a good way to help patients gain confidence and the goal is to maintain an exercise program on their own,” shares Lisa Kimsey, Director of Respiratory Services.

Carol Morrow sought medical attention due to choking from reflux. “Since I’ve been coming to rehabilitation, I am not coughing as much, have more energy and have improved my daily living.”

Linda Sorenson was motivated by her children to seek treatment.  Shortness of breath and heart problems left her exhausted. “I couldn’t even walk a block. My kids kept saying I was too young to have this condition.  As soon as I saw the facility for treatment I really liked it. The view is wonderful, and the staff makes it fun. They are a joy to be around,” Linda said.

“It is great that Specialty Doctors come to Seward. I can have my health screenings, surgery, recovery and follow up with therapy all right here,” shared Doretta Schweitzer.

“The local facilities are wonderful. Why would I drive to Lincoln when we have the state of the art facility right here?” added Sharon Neihardt.

While their paths rarely crossed in the Milford community, these ladies formed a friendship of mutual encouragement through their time together in pulmonary rehabilitation. The journey to pulmonary rehabilitation was different for each of them but together they reached a common goal of improving their quality of life.