Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs has worked with hundreds of moms. She has journeyed with her patients through prenatal visits, labor, delivery and through primary and emergency care. Recently her role changed from medical provider to patient. She found herself in the role of becoming a new mother, going to prenatal exams, prepared childbirth classes, and experiencing labor and delivery from a patient perspective.  As the patient, Dr. Hobbs admits, “It’s really hard to be a patient, not the doctor!”

In the Right Hands

Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs and husband Rich were looking forward to becoming first-time parents. Dr. Hobbs stated that she is considered an older maternity patient and explains, “My age brought some additional risks for pregnancy. It wasn’t as easy for us to get pregnant and because of my specific risk factors, I had to do some checkups with a high-risk pregnancy doctor. The specialist and Dr. Connie Novak at Memorial Health Care Systems in Seward worked closely together throughout that process.  I was so thankful to be cleared of the risks and able to deliver with my physician Dr. Connie Novak,” she said. When asked about this process Dr. Hobbs admitted, “As a physician, you are aware of all the risks and potential complications. It can be scary to be a physician who is the patient with all that extra knowledge. Dr. Novak is an exceptional physician and gives her patients every reassurance. It’s nice to have someone to deliver your baby that you trust 100%.”

A Special Kind of Care

Dr. Hobbs had total confidence in her doctor and was also impressed with the nursing care at Memorial Hospital. Expectant parents can have confidence that they’re being cared for by a team of highly skilled and dedicated nurses, who are experienced in providing obstetric care. “The nursing staff is excellent both as professionals and human beings who truly care for their patients,” Dr. Hobbs explains. “The nurses really connect with their patients and cater to their needs during this special time. Everybody gives you the best care and service, even for dad, not just mom and baby!” 

Dr. Connie Novak was there for Dr. Hobbs through every stage of her prenatal appointments, labor and delivery.  “It is a huge compliment to be trusted to care for moms and babies, especially another physician you work with and respect,” said Dr. Novak.

“This is a truly special place to deliver babies, I delivered my children here and now Dr. Hobbs has delivered her baby here too.  You aren’t just a patient or a number. When you deliver at Memorial Hospital you are our neighbors, friends, a part of our community,” said Dr. Novak.

“Each mother, baby and delivery are unique and we are always prepared to support the new parents through their delivery. If the unexpected does occur, the birthing rooms at MHCS are right near the nurse’s station, so patients are only steps away from help,” Dr. Novak says. “The operating rooms are located right next door, so we can handle an unexpected cesarean delivery very quickly.”     

Dr. Hobbs was blessed with a fairly normal labor and delivery. Baby Everly Ann was welcomed to the world on December 10, 2019, at 3:06 pm weighing 7 lbs 15.5 oz. Everly Ann is a happy and healthy baby girl with a full head of dark brown hair! The new parents shared that Everly really likes dad’s beard and is already vocally expressing to her parents just what she needs! Everly has been eating and sleeping really well. Congratulations to Rich & Dr. Hobbs!

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