Stories of Triumph

Stories of Triumph

Hannah, a Wisconsin girl at heart, came to Seward to pursue her college education. She met and married the love of her life Kenny and they made their home in Seward. As a young couple with family plans, they chose Memorial Health Care Systems for their medical care.  With the help of their family physician, Dr. James Plasek, the couple welcomed two beautiful baby boys to their family.

What brought Milford women to Seward each week? Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Memorial Hospital.  Linda Sorensen, Sharon Neihardt, Carol Morrow and Doretta Schweitzer participated in a doctor referred rehabilitation program lead by Respiratory Therapy.

Amber Dirks is a beaming new mother of a precious daughter Brooklyn Kinsey Dirks.  Brooklyn is a beautiful and healthy addition to the Dirks family.  She was born on February 20th, 2017 at 2:34 AM and weighed 7 lbs.

Seward resident Kent Pribyl is full of smiles and thanks after a serious medical incident. Looking at Kent now, you could never tell illness fell on this happy-go-lucky outdoor enthusiast..

As Mark Croghan steps through the doors of Memorial Hospital, he is greeted with smiles at the Specialty Clinic. He has come every week for the past 16 years to receive infusion therapy. “I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency back in 2000. It affects my lungs and I currently have a 40 percent lung capacity,” Mark shared as he prepares for his treatment.

Football. Seth Fitzke loves the intensity of the sport and being part of a team. The Concordia Bulldogs’ tight end set high goals for his final season. But his game was quickly sidelined during a spring practice prior to his senior year; the Seward native sustained a devastating knee injury and tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

“The goal is to be ready for planting.” Those were the words 37-year-old Todd Schmieding recited to his Seward Memorial physical therapy team many times. Spring is go-time for Todd, who farms near Staplehurst, Neb. But a farm accident the fall of 2015 left him questioning when returning to his tractor would be possible.

A sparkling, friendly woman with a ready smile, Emma Lutringer grins when she compares raising her five children to how it’s done now. “No internet, no car seats – goodness, it’s amazing that they grew up at all!” But grew up they did. Emma beams with joy when she mentions her 20+ grandchildren and 20+ great grandchildren.  

“Making the appointment for my sleep study was a family affair,” said freshman State Senator Mark Kolterman with a wide grin. “Heck, my snoring didn’t bother me a bit; it just kept everyone else awake!”

Results from a sleep study conducted at Memorial Hospital showed that he had quit breathing over 50 times throughout the night as a result of sleep apnea. “There was no question that I needed a c-pap machine to open up my airways. That was ten years ago and I’ve used it faithfully ever since.”