We Deliver Exceptional Care and Beautiful Babies!

We Deliver Exceptional Care and Beautiful Babies!

Julie and Raul Escobar were relatively new to Seward County when they found out they were expecting their second child. They chose Memorial Health Care Systems for their family care and maternity care because they wanted to support the local community.

Julie noted that they also chose Seward over Lincoln because they wanted to be close to medical care for the delivery of their second child. Julie said, “My first labor experience, with my daughter, Lauren, went very quickly. I didn’t want to have the stress of driving to Lincoln while in labor or taking the risk of not getting to the hospital in time for the delivery.” Raul added, “It gave us the opportunity to be at home for the first part of labor before coming to the hospital.” Neither could imagine having to drive to Lincoln to deliver a baby and were thankful to have quality maternity care available so close to home.

Julie knew after her first experience that she wanted a more personalized care than she had before. She was also looking for flexibility to work with schedules to include the whole family in prenatal visits. They were looking for a family experience so that mom, dad and big sister would all be a part of the journey. Julie scheduled her visit with Dr. Hobbs and found the exact care she was looking for in a medical provider. “Dr. Hobbs was very personable and it was a real pleasure to come and see her for appointments.” Julie continued, “The prenatal care I received was more personal, relaxed, calming, flexible and much more fun!” The entire family always looked forward to visits with Dr. Hobbs. All of the prenatal appointments progressed well for mom and baby resulting in sweet little Justin Albert being welcomed to the world May 10th, 2018 at 8 lbs., 10 oz.

Raul and Julie agreed that they received excellent care throughout the birth and recovery. Raul said, “As far as medical expertise, it was comparable to the care we received in Lincoln. The difference came in the personal care and attentiveness of the staff.” Raul and Julie were impressed with the wonderful feeling of community support for their family. They did not just experience exceptional medical care but caring from fellow community members that extended beyond the hospital stay.

The new family of four is settling in well and big sister Lauren is very attentive to baby Justin. Lauren adores Dr. Hobbs and her doctor, Dr. Plasek, and can often be seen playing Dr. Hobbs at home. Going to appointments is never a struggle for this family of four thanks to the individualized care they receive.