Families Are Our Specialty

Families Are Our Specialty

Moms will be the first to tell you that every delivery and every baby are different. Ashleigh Browning of Beaver Crossing was quick to echo this statement. Ashleigh was under the care of Dr. Ketner and Obstetrics/Gynecology specialist, Dr. Heidrick, at Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic while pregnant with her daughter. Ashleigh and her husband Justin’s first born, Madisyn, was delivered in Lincoln due to some higher risks during that pregnancy. The care received from Dr. Heidrick was wonderful, but the couple was eager to get back to their family physician for continuing their family’s care. Ashleigh delivered her next children Callan and Declan at MHCS and just recently welcomed Boden to their family.

Boden was born on December 17, 2018 at 1:28 pm. Throughout her care, Ashleigh worked with the clinic, obstetrics department, physicians, hospital nursing and ultrasound technician. Ashleigh had a c-section and was also cared for by the surgery team. Ashleigh commended the great communication between the staff, with her, and her family.

Although each pregnancy and delivery were different, Ashleigh commented, “One thing that stood out was the the availability and willingness of the staff to take on any questions at any time, including after the deliveries and once we were back at home.” Ashleigh shared, “Dr. Ketner and his team provided wonderful prenatal care. They did everything they could to calm my nerves and saw me right away if I had any concerns during my pregnancies.”

The family of six continues their regular care with Dr. Ketner. It is helpful that the entire family can receive care from the same physician and that Dr. Ketner delivered 3 of the children.  Ashleigh stated, “Dr. Ketner provides amazing collaborative care for all six of us. He reviews my husband Justin’s different specialist visits to make sure medication from each specialist is working together. Dr. Ketner creates an open dialogue inquiring about our mental and emotional health as well. He truly wants to make sure everyone is physically and mentally doing well."

Having a newborn during cold and flu season can be nerve racking on parents. Such good care was taken with newborn Boden that even when his siblings tested positive for influenza, the additional counseling and tips for keeping the rest of the family healthy were well received and helped keep the rest of the family from getting influenza. Also, as a busy mom with two kids in school and two still at home, the patient portal mobile app ‘Follow My Health’ has been very helpful. She has easy access to their health records, including viewing results and seeing notes from her doctor right from her phone.

Ashleigh described, “I feel like we received VIP service and individualized care for each family member. Everyone truly cares for us and were very attentive to our needs.” While every delivery, every baby, and every family are different, you can count on MHCS to be there for you through all of life’s stages with exceptional care for the whole family.