The Right Choice for Recovery

The Right Choice for Recovery

Jim Arneson is very familiar with the recovery process and the importance of having the right care following injuries or surgery. Three years ago, missing a bottom step going downstairs resulted in a knee injury requiring surgery and about a year ago a fall led to hip surgery. “One moment you are celebrating with family and the next you are on your way to the Emergency Room.” Jim said.

Jim and his wife Jody are long-time residents of Seward County. Following his service in the military, he earned his teaching degree and later completed education to become a school counselor. Jim invested in students at Seward High School for 40 years, teaching, counseling and serving as an assistant football and track coach. “Who knew that some of the students I taught like Dr. Tewes and Drs. Richard and Robert Pitsch would later become my surgeons.” Jim said.

The Arnesons are very thankful for Memorial Health Care services. “It is great to have all the services you need from professionals you can count on right her close to home.” Jim said. “Everyone from my family doctor, Dr. Ketner, all of the staff at Memorial Hospital and the Specialty Clinic are exceptional at caring for patients.” Jim and Jody expressed how nice it was to have care right here in Seward giving Jody greater access to be with Jim during his recovery.

Jim jokingly claims Hospital rooms 24 and 25 might as well be his as he spent several weeks at Memorial Hospital following his knee surgery and a second time for an extended stay following hip surgery. “I tell people those are my rooms, as they were my home away from home during recovery.” While he appreciates his stay at Memorial Hospital, Jim is especially thankful for the team of therapists at Memorial Physical Therapy that helped in the journey to return to his life at home.

“I was so impressed with the therapy team. Each one had expertise and special areas of training to help me to full recovery.” Jim expressed. “We started in the hospital room with simple movements. I progressed to working in the gym, first on the raised tables, then with the Solo-Step to help support my weight and balance.” Jim also had the opportunity to utilize the aquatic therapy and progressed  to exercises machines like the NuStep. “I was amazed at all the things they had to help you regain mobility. They even had stairs I could practice on right in the gym.” He said.           

One of the things that Jim found impressive was the team approach by the therapists and assistants. “I think I actually worked with every therapist and assistant at one time or another. It was amazing to have a team of people each with specialized training to meet me right where I was at and who were all cheering for me to get better.” Jim explained. He admitted that at times he didn’t feel like he did a good job at his physical therapy sessions but he could always count on encouragement from the team. “I think what I appreciated the most was that they always acknowledged any accomplishment I made. They helped me celebrate the journey back to health and a restored life.”

Today, Jim enjoys exercising at the Senior Center and taking walks in his neighborhood. “After graduating from physical therapy, the therapists encouraged me to keep moving.” Jim said. His wife, 5 children, 19 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren are strong motivators to continue in his journey of a healthy life. “My family and I are grateful for the care and services I received at Memorial Health Care Systems.”